Adding Professor Ng’s Classes

FAQ- Drop and Adding

Prior to the start of the semester (referred to as the Non-Restrictive Registration period by CSUN bureaucrats), this course will use the CSUN Automated Waiting List.

On the first day of second week, the CSUN Automated Waiting List is turned off and Professor Ng’s classes will use the following procedure to allocate available seats during the first 3 weeks of the semester.

  1. If the class is full, a waiting list will be established which contains student names and email addresses. Students can place their name on the waiting list using the questionnaire at
  2. At the end of the first week, a random number generator will be used to rank those who filled out the online questionnaire.
  3. As openings become available, students on the waiting list will be notified by email and given permission numbers to add the class as seats open. The permission numbers will be good for 48 hours.
  4. Students are responsible for correctly entering their email address to the list.
  5. If a student doesn’t use the permission number to add the class within the allotted time, the open seat will be passed on to the next student on the list.
  6. Students not present on the first day of class will be placed on the bottom of the waiting list and can be added to the list by emailing me at
  7. Seats will continue to be given out until the 3rd week of class.
  8. The waiting list will be posted online at so that students can monitor their position on the list.

After the first three weeks of the semester, the CSUN late drop policy will be strictly followed.