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  1. Gary Jennings, Aztec. (ISBN-13:978-0765317506) Road trip through Meso-America on the eve of invasion and destruction by Europeans. Depraved perverted sex, human sacrifice, true love, war, and an accurate rendition of Aztec society and religion wrapped around a great story.
  2. Robert Fogel, Without Consent or Contract. Nobel prize winning economist lays out how economic historians revolutionized our understanding of slavery, the Civil War, and race relations in America.
  3. Robert Massie Dreadnought and Castles of Steel. The story of the naval arms race leading into World War 1 and the subsequent naval war.
  4. Jung Chang and Jon Halliday, Mao: The Unknown Story, An uncensored biography of the worlds #1 mass murderer. Hitler killed 30 million. Stalin killed 60 million. Mao killed 80 million. Fascinating story of one the world’s most successful, deadly, and inhumane dictators.
  5. Victor Hanson, Carnage and Culture:Landmark Battles in the Rise to Western Power. We know that Capitalism is superior in creating wealth and prosperity but is it also superior in warfare and the military arts? Hanson makes the case that free markets not only create wealth but create armies inferior to none.
  6. Paul Johnson, A History of the American People ¬†(ISBN-13: 978-0060930349). The high school history book you would have gotten if the Politically Correct Mafia didn’t control¬† your local school board.
  7. Robert Heinlein, Stranger in a Strange Land (ISBN-13: 978-0441788385). A great fictional work sometimes referred to as the Hippy Free Love bible.
  8. George MacDonald Fraser, Mr. American (ISBN-13: 978-0786705542). Great reading tale about an American who strikes it rich in the Old West, migrates to London during the Victorian Era, and has to deal with the ghosts from his past. Great read for those fascinated by life in the during the years of industrial revolution recently depicted in the recent Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movies.
  9. John Keegan, The Face of Battle: A Study of Agincourt, Waterloo, and the Somme, (ISBN-13: 978-0140048971). Ever wonder what is was like to actually be a knight in shining Armour fighting for the king or a an engineer on a battleship when it went down? The Social History Movement applied to men in combat.

Newspaper Articles:

  1. America’s Potemkin Universities. Truth to Power.
  2. The Student Debt Problem is Worse than We Imagined. Sobering.
  3. Trump’s policies could enable America’s economy to outpace China’s, Command economies never outperform market economies. How many examples until people learn?
  4. Wang Jianlin, A Billionaire at the Intersection of Business and Power In China, Getting rich developing real estate when the government owns 100% of the land.
  5. Chile, Where Freedom Nurtures Success, Limited Government, the rule of law, and free markets–a recipe for peace, prosperity, and freedom.
  6. China’s Growing Middle Class Chafes Against Red Tape, Life under communism. Want a car. Get in line for a permit. Want a baby. Get in line for a permit. Student loan? 26 official seals on more than dozen documents required.
  7. In China, a church-state showdown of biblical proportions, Freedom of religion in a godless land.

  8. The Great Chinese Exodus. How to protect your wealth once you’ve stolen it? Move to a western capitalist democracy with strong property rights and the ROL. That’s Rule of Law (ROL) not Laugh out Loud (LOL).

  9. The Marvel of American Resiliance, All the great innovations come from the USA. It’s not an accident.
  10. The New Racism, This is How the Civil Rights Movement Ends. “Dummymandering”. Great new term and a reason to pay attention in your Political Science classes.
  11. Cal State Looks For Ways to Drive Down Cost of Textbooks. Marketplace competition at work.
  12. The Mean Girls of Global Warming The global warming debate. It’s not how science is supposed to work.
  13. The Dark Side Of Facebook, Where People Lie, Steal, And Make Millions. It’s a jungle out there.
  14. The Bluest State. What happens when the Do Nothing Policy is violated.
  15. Is College Worth It? Clearly New Data Says. Study hard. You’ll get paid well for it.
  16. Mexico’s Vicente Fox Pushes Marijuana Debate to the Forefront, Vicente Fox, ex-president of Mexico, the Modern Mexican Milton Friedman?
  17. A Devastating Affirmative Action Failure, The unintended consequences of more big government.
  18. China’s Tennis Rebel, A window into the Communist non-free market world where the governments owns you instead you owning the government.
  19. China’s Incredible Shrinking Economy, Why your Econ. 161 lectures on National Income Accounting matter.
  20. Progressives and Blacks, Economists believe incentives affect personal behavior. A black conservative applies incentives to race.
  21. The World is Getting Richer and That’s a Good Thing. Living better than anyone has ever lived before. Yes that is us!
  22. America’s Gift to Rival Economies? The Absurd H1B Visa Cap, What’s wrong with just letting markets operate?
  23. On Hong Kong Shelves, Illicit Dirt on China’s Elite, An example of the free market in operation. If a demand exists, the market will create a supply to satisfy it.
  24. The Curious Case of China’s GDP Figures, Can you lie your way to “Superpower” status?
  25. China May Not Overtake America This Century After All. Capitalism and the free market is still the only way to wealth, prosperity, and economic growth.
  26. What if We Never Run Out of Oil. The economist’s answer to the energy “crisis”—Do nothing and let free markets work.
  27. A Look Under the Hood: Why Electric Car Startup Fisker Crashed and Burned. If a company cannot get financing from private investors there is usually a good reason. A cautionary tale of why government should not be picking winners and losers with taxpayer dollars.
  28. Is the Great Climate Alarm Winding Down? Capitalism beats Environmentalism hands down.
  29. The Golf Shot Heard Round the World, The tale of a teed off philanthropist and the head of Bowdoin College, where identity politics run wild. Indoctrination masquerading as education.
  30. The Professor, the Bikini Model and the Suitcase Full of Trouble, A world-renowned physicist meets a gorgeous model online. They plan their perfect life together.
    But first, she asks, would he be so kind as to deliver a special package to her?  A modern version of the absent minded professor.
  31. College: Where Free Speech Goes to Die. The title says it all.
  32. In China, ‘red nobility’ trumps egalitarian ideals, Relatives of communist China’s founding fathers enjoy privileged status in politics and business that runs counter to party ideology. Dictators pretending to be democrats.
  33. $1.1 Billion in Thanks from Bloomberg to John’s Hopkins. Inspiration for students and hope for university administrators.
  34. America’s Baby Bust. Are children an inferior good?
  35. In China, Families Bet it All on College for Their Children. Paying for college. Another perspective.
  36. China’s ‘Leftover Women’, Unmarried at 27 . Is marriage an inferior good?

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